Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I'm thinking of buying the AA Double U Neck Dress ($56), I've had a whole year to buy it. But haven't had sufficient funds. But then i'd need to buy chicken fillets? My ones now lost it's adhesiveness? Don't you hate that?

I don't know what shoes to buy or wear for this weekend, i don't even want to buy shoes for it because I only have $100, like what shoes can I buy with that?

I was thinking Siren Dice shoes (Sale for $69.95), the pink heels (Olsen's Giambattista Valli shoes) and Wittner-esque (well the ones i originally wanted agessss ago) beige suedey fabric and strappy? Yes. Hm. Well i think it's very like me to buy something like that because it totally will only be worn once, but I have to wear it every weekend because I have nothing else to wear down there, all my shoes died out. But then again, I've been dying for the Givenchy copies ($129.95) for a long time but I have insufficient funds for them. (bottom picture) -cries a puddle-

I'll see how it goes, because I'm going to Crown St. tomorrow. AND i probably won't buy anything I mentioned above..

Let's see where my hundred gets me..



Love Cathy said...

wow, i love those black shoes!! where from! where from! its hard to find shoes under $100, try DFO?

Danni'elle said...

lol nah yeah they are hard to find these days cos they came out ages ago! but my mum will buy me the shoes, cos yes there are no nice shoes under 100! but i've found new ones i love hahha.

oh and sportsgirl has made copies of the givenchy black ones too.

Love Cathy said...

hahaha lucky girl! and thanks x