Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Money, money, money must be funny.. in a rich man's world

I literally have $3 in my "spendings" account, i recently purchased this bikini top (oh yes, it's only the top) only to fulfill my stud-obsession and i was previously searching for a white bikini top after seeing a girl with a really pretty one at Manly. And so, to satisfy my white + stud love, i came across (they have some pretty cool one-off clothing) and impulsed a buy from there! (AND I DON'T EVEN HAVE ANY PROPER BOTTOMS FOR IT!) but i love it anyway and will even wear it out, wear a white sheer top over? or along the lines.. that's how gorgeous it is (to me)!

US$100 is pretty crazy for our Aussie dollar economy, the exchange is like 150+ or something? I hate it! I wish i were back in our 90+ cents days.. and the exchange isn't even stopping me! It's so dangerous..

Well, now I have to wait for money to clear- it's been a week! Stupid paypal, i hate how eCheques take so long.. then I have to wait another two weeks for it to arrive.

But hey, to make up for my groundfloor savings i'll be receiving 180 from an ebay seller because I selling a few things.. i'm thinking about selling my polaroid camera (don't know why people are still buying them, when they don't even produce film anymore)

I should think about what to sell now since my contract with David Jones has concluded. It only leads me towards poor-dom and possibly an unsuccessful haul for a job.

Ok, rant over about money. This is the longest post (in effort to make up for all the lost days of my non-existence here)

Love, Danii.

P.S. to make matters worse, I have a long list of what to buy next when I coup up enough money! hahhaa and I'm visiting the markets next week as well. (Babe, watch out!)

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Anonymous said...

oh danniiiii i am loving that bikini top! and what a great idea to wear it out with a see-through top! i mean why not! you paid that much for it! congrats on the purchase... love it x