Tuesday, February 24, 2009

yellow light

i live between a freeway and highway.
you can see the centrepoint tower from my balcony.
i'm just digging through some photo archives; they're all from separate days, months, years.
there really is no purpose for them.

i am currently in bed whilst my lecture is running.
i'm already feeling lazy at day two!
but i promise it's just boring house rules and introductory stuff.


THE BAT said...

awesome pictures!

filthy lust said...

i've already skipped lectures too. urgh.

filthy lust said...

the store and brand is called marco gianni, never heard of it before till now.

Anonymous said...

hi dani where is the drawing of the girl smoking from on the side of your blog?

elephantshoes said...

filthy lust, oh! i know that one.. they sell men's shoes or something 3 for a hundred.

hehe anon, it's stillll there!