Tuesday, March 3, 2009

long post to make up for the days i haven't..

ever heard of that saying ... uh well my cousin Erika said it to me recently anyway, "your spending's equal to the amount of money you have", i thought, well uh err duh? but now i challenge that concept because i have just spent a hundred bucks tonight on eBay (you'll be hearing plenty of this). anyhow, i only have 20 bucks in my pocket and an untouchable savings account, i have promised the sellers i will pay by monday, that only means that my weekly allowance- ha, yeah my parent's still feed me money for uni (which is not enough, might i add).. which also isn't enough to pay off my splurge. so i'll just have to ask for extra. my mother used to hand me her credit card's to pay for all my ebay expenses.. i think she realised it was a continuous thing and doesn't support my cause- well at least, she paid for almost over 400+ but that's out of the 203592 i have also purchased. what have i been buying all these years? i can't even find them in my wardrobe? speaking of wardrobe, i finally sorted mine out after a reckless three month vacation.. yep, still nothing in there.

okay anyway, the point of this post was to show you what i bought? but clearly.. i ranted (i would usually do this for all posts but i'd probably bore you with what i have to say)

i purchased:
  1. faux (has to be faux- poor animals) fur vest - finally!
    i was inspired by this:

  2. a sheer cropped (it says it's a 'corset' but i wouldn't call it that) top, with crochet embroidery. this one is definitely inspired by thefoxyman, who purchased such an amazing vintage Wang-esque top from Byron Bay. mine can't even compare to this, if only there was another..

i really should have waited out for a cheaper vest but hey, meh. i'm still looking for a fur jacket though- a furrry nice one! geddit? a verrry nice one! har di har ha! oh and also, noted on my last post... a velvet one! somebody want to help eBay with me? lol

i can't wait until my tight ass days are over. i need a job so baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad.

also inspired by:
  1. i'm really into grey shoes as of late, check out lauren santo domingo's louboutin's! they're just a perfect pallette to mix-and-match with.
  2. fringe (or hair? l-o-l) skirt and blazers!
  3. and not to mention, lanphear's lanvin ring :-O all her jewellery is just.............. no word's can describe.

.. and way too many more pictures!! BECAUSE jak & jil is just amazing, he captures every fashion-forward thing a girl would only dream of. not to mention the paris vogue team.


N.B. said...

I need to get my hands on one of those feather/hair/whatever-the-hell-it-is skirts. They look so dreamy.

filthy lust said...

i need a big faux fur jacket too, waah.