Tuesday, June 9, 2009

(sorry fonts in this post went a little schizophrenic, won't let me change it)

chloë in chloé,

i even tried to ebay and net-a-porter this scalloped blazer (and found out it went on sale down from.. ready.. US$2,785 to $1,671.) ha, i'd probably purchase it over a givenchy bag.. hm nah not really. anyway, i bought a copy (Because to no avail or luck or expenses.. i bought a ruffle white blazer on eBay from New York. It's not the same, but for 15 bucks it's just good enough?)

Chloës style is effortlessly stunning and very well-put together. That whole Chloé collection was amazing! (including the scalloped shorts she wears in the navy and cream version - remember i posted about this with Kate Bosworth: click 'nude' tag)

On the same note, I ended up purchasing the
illionaire nude leather shorts in that tag as well.. (such great quality!! more leather-suede than the shiny type but it's gorgeous)


leather and lace said...

well well well. lookie what i found here :):) yay! reading material for when i do a number two!

love piss sis2ah

Anthem said...

This is great x


Janelle said...

great find! I love chloe.

Minaa j said...

thats a really good find. i really like it :)

i love everything Chloé has ever come out with i think :)