Thursday, December 10, 2009


i've had these boots for a couple of months now and haven't worn them whatsoever, because they sit so weirdly on my leg/foot. they're just NOT like the sam eldeman ones (besides, i would love to have the quilted harness instead). which is why i'm almost considering selling these and hunting the eldeman's as originally planned (but back then they weren't in stock and now they're almost everywhere) i mean it would be wonderful to own the balenciagas! but ofcourse the eldeman's would be cheaper and easier to find. i think urban outfitters or nastygirlvintage are selling some? anybody with a size 7 foot? otherwise.. check out oaknyc:

or you could always pursuade me to keep them and i will need to find the right outfit because the top of the boot trapeze out too much!

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Fabliha said...

these are so cool! I wish they were my size! loving your blog :)