Thursday, July 10, 2008

I'm back in the blogging cyber-world, due to holiday and winter blues.. this weather has kept me in bed all holidays! It's dreadful. But i shall get out of bed tomorrow and watch a movie with my lover.

Today (well technically yesterday, it's past midnight!), I received my results for first sem and yes, i'm quite happy with them. Also got around to cleaning my wardrobe. As in, hanging up everything that was lying on my chair and bed post and tidy up the drawers.

I noticed that so much of my clothing (mostly the dresses that i hung up) are so colourful and 76.4% of what i've worn has been black, white or gray. I've turned bland, but black is love. "Once you go black, you never go back", hahaha how cliche. Nonetheless, I have to show som love to my coloured garments. Another thing i noticed is that.. i'm sooo sick of my clothes. I'm in serious need of a new wardrobe.

BUT because i've been such hermit and nocturnal creature, i haven't checked out the shops. Which is another dreadful thing i've picked up these holidays, an extremely screwed up sleeping pattern. But back to shopping, I have relied on shopping through fingertips.. eBay! (my mum's credit card ain't too happy with me)..

ANYWAY maybe I should close my laptop and start fixing up my sleepin patterns by sleeping now.

love, danii.

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