Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fashion upset.

Aussie designer collections are such an upset, and I speak as a delayed 'window shopper', who has only gotten round to checking out the stock out right now. I like the black n white tye-die thing going on, but some things just went overboard. I'm not even happy with Lover's 'Love Bomb' collection, I seriously hope that RAFW Autumn '08 has great designs in stall for the future. (ok speaking from the povo girl right now.) Bring back the good ol' Altamont and Black Rose Army.

Ok end rant on random spish sposh fash.

HAhahahaha. On another note, i need to like... start driving before my L's expire! :I

Main things to buy (myself) this summer (or this nice hot weather anyway):
  1. Levis 501 cutoffs
  2. White panama/straw fedora
  3. Headpiece
  4. Rings!
  5. AA shirts/singlets
  6. Lipstick - lost Fuscia chanel in #50, I miss you and nude and apricot.
  7. Sandals (i'm so over seeing so many people wearing glads, but i slap myself for not getting the nice thick braided flat-version of my heels, that is gone forever and ever with some very happy wearer.)
  9. Wax HAHAHA
  10. Last treats: Fleur Wood summery maxidress/Woodford & Co. cocktail dress/Lover AAG insert blouse/(some brand) zebra-striped beaded dress (for when I'm employed)

P.S. NY Fashion wk S/S '09- Philip Lim and Alexander Wang. Oh. My. God, money tree please.

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