Saturday, December 13, 2008

Ed Westwick

I love that he's in a band (second video- The Filthy Youth) and he's the ultimate British bad-boy, mm his accent. haha I love him as Chuck Bass and as an actor.

Apparently he's yelling out to Leighton Meester in a friendly way. lol

Ed: Oh fuck off, Leight! What are you, taking off? Where the fuck is your gift bag, you wanker? (you can hear Leighton laughing) What are you bailing out on me, you wanker? Fuck you... and the horse you rode in on. I love you dearly (Leighton laughing again). Excuse me, you've got an amazing fucking man and he's fantastic and he brightens up my fucking day.
L: Thank youuu!
Ed: But call me!

I'm downloading all his songs. He's amazing.

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