Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sexy, naughty, bitchy.. ME!

I'm with my darling cousin teejay (he sleeps over weekly), hence the title- it's one of his dancing songs. (scroll over)
he's totally gay hahahahaha, i love you teej lol

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Yes, i lover the lace. we played dress up, he wore my AA (alcoholics anon lol) tights. They look good on his skinny ass!

Haha he's wearing pj's and a santa hat, how cute.

On another note, i'm in love with this store:, i wish the exchange rate wasn't so dramatic. sigh. the parachute dress, the tee's and the shoes. drool. i love the styling.

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jiee Xx said...

aw blogs again lols my nets capped so its gona take forever for those fotos to load -__- im bored. love u