Saturday, April 11, 2009

mesh and undie attack

this photo makes me want to party. i'm going to try Jen Brill's mesh and sequin look but in a dress form. first, buy american apparel mesh dress.. then.. hm.. where do i buy sequins that are already formed!? (now that's something i'll have to hunt down.) aaah, underwear bodysuit parties.. first i'll need leg's like that and then i'd party with nothing to worry about. ha ha.

american apparel mesh dress + sequins

other bodysuit references-

courtesy of ladyelectrique

i love the colour pallete of the nude and black (even though they're not in an outfit together, it'd still work well!) and the structure of it all. can't wait to sew something soon. inspiration :-D

this mesh thing is almost reminiscent of the one i posted earlier on thefoxyman's top find and the alexander wang mesh dress - dreams. either sequins of applique embroidery.. we'll see what i find first!

it all starts from one photo:
here i come reeling all these other references.

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