Saturday, April 11, 2009

velvet velour va va va ving!

i've been searching velvet everywhere- (refer to older post (click 'velvet' tag) where i was looking for a jacket- that's mission incomplete as of now)
this dress is so adorable, by Sretsis. AU$760- i think for that much i could replicate the whole outfit lol. i could probably sew myself one.. dodgy version.
love the use of the sheer material opposed to the thickness of velvet.


zoƫ said...

oh yay, this is really pretty, it looks like something peaches geldof or blair waldorf would wear (in both cases, very stylish chicks in their own right) .

soooo i just have to mention that your blog layout is completely fab, your header is to die for, and all the illustrations are gorgeous . have you done them yourself ?

xx lovie .

filthy lust said...

ooh agree with the above comment!

elephantshoes said...

i agree with both icons as well.

thank you zoe, but no i don't take credit for the illustrations. one day i'll make a post of the artists