Tuesday, June 2, 2009

This is so me, end up doing a couple-a posts in one day, then ditch it for another month..

But that's just the way i get into the blogging spirit.

Within these two weeks my lolo (grandfather) passed away, he's a man I admire so much because he lived a life of dignity and was so respected amongst all his peers. He raised me as a child and spoilt me with love.. I thank God that I was blessed with a man like him even for only 19 years. It's been one of the hardest emotional struggles I've come across. I will cherish every last moment I had with him at the hospital and in my nineteen years of life. I don't want to really talk about it all.

So ......... . .. . . . .. let's talk about the shoes my mother bought me for the funeral - not the best ocassion but will be wearing them repititiously. (I tried to hint my boyfriend to buy them on our 5 years but it didn't come across too well.. ha ha) They'e by an Aussie shoe chain-store who practically replicates every targeted trend, but I didn't want to miss these ones only because I needed a pair of wedges and lace ups are just a bonus.. expect a hundred wears from them my Sydney-friends. HAHAHAHA

Here they are with my dimented toes and the Zimmermann harem's I posted a while ago ...

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rebelle zine said...

your amazing girl! the blog looks great.
loving your still pumping the fashion in hard times.
stay fab
rebelle girls