Tuesday, June 2, 2009

'baa baa' sheepy

I've been dreaming about this outfit for sometime now, I saved it on my boyfriend's computer during Sydney RAFW '09 over a month ago? (or whenver this image came out on Garance), and haven't gotten over it.

Speaking of slacks on the last post, how amazing are olive green kakhi ones? I'm searching for some now.

And her vest is by Karen Walker Shearling Slate Waistcoat, recently saw them on sale for $376.20 at Maximillia... hmmmmmm would this be a good investment this winter? I'm not sure If it'd be a staple but I'll definitely wear it just to make up for the price. yay? nay? yay? it's just grown on me.. even if it has that ol' aussie outback sheep appeal hahah

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