Tuesday, June 2, 2009

u p d a t e

Final exams start next week, ouch. But after that, I promise I’ll do an outfit post to make up. I’ve gone on a shopping haul and cannot wait until the fifteenth for pay month. Hurrah! Monthly pay feels like forever.
Anywho, today I went to Salvo's and are they ever so trusty with an array of slacks, bought a pair of nude harems, with pleating in the crotch area.. I love them to bits! And I ended up buying some pleated black pants that I will be cutting into shorts, a woollen cream shirt (for winter) and a Hugo Boss crochet dress - and then I found out they were all half price when I got to the counter... and I paid only 10 bucks! Boy, am I over the moon?
This place is my weekly uni stop-over before I head over to work, but I think i'll have to wait until the fifteenth to really enjoy shopping again.. the worst part is.. I pencilled into my diary earlier this year, that I would be going to Surry Hills markets this month.. looks like that'll have to wait again.

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